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The following curricula were created by Kelly S. King of the KSK Academy, now a division of Modern Masters Inc. Please subscribe to our email list to be alerted on newly scheduled class dates/times.

CLASSES ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - please call 206.719.2423 for more information. All classes start at 9:30am; there is no set ending time for classes, they tend to go long. It is recommended that you refrain from making social arrangements during the evening hours as you will miss out on very important class time. Fees: 50% down is required at time of scheduling the class; balance is due the morning of the first day of class.

SHIZEN 3-DAY INTENSE Preferred Applicator Course
Shizen is a unique line of products imported from Japan by Modern Masters Inc. The Japanese word "Shizen" means "natural beauty." It is the perfect word to describe this unique line of eco-friendly decorative textures. The Shizen line of textures is only available to the trained professional applicator through a Platinum Certified Training Center such as Artistic Accent Walls. The Shizen line of decorative textures enable you as a decorative artist to create environmentally friendly decorative finishes in varying degrees of green which will be explained in this class. Over the course of three days, you will complete approximately 20 gorgeous sample boards with the Shizen product line to amaze your most discerning clients!
Shizen 3-Day Intense $997

BELLEZZA 4-DAY INTENSE Italian Plaster with KSK Private Reserve Finishes  
Bellezza is a unique line of products imported from Italy by Modern Masters Inc. From theory of lime plasters to amazing finishes, this is the class. In this changing market of designer and architect eco-friendly specifications, move to the front of your field. Homeowners will be able to dramatically increase the value and beauty of their homes and contractors can add another high-end service to their current offerings.
Bellezza 4-Day Intense $1,397

TattoowallTM is a patented and certified new technique created for the production of direct and lasting transfers of digital images of elaborate decorations for any surface of any size. It is not the application of a film or paper, but the direct transfer of color onto a desired surface. An “affresco effect” is derived that does not require any preliminary wall treatment in order to fix the color. Invented to create murals, Tattoowall has been used on a variety of surfaces such as building plaster and untreated cement and bricks, without size limitations. The versatility of the technique allows for the decoration of highly irregular surfaces with textures of up to 0.2 inches. Tattoowall can also be adapted to suit architectural variations in planes such as domes or corners. Click here for examples.
Tattoowall 2-Day Intense $695

The Symphony of Metallics is an intense curriculum using the new Modern Masters Metallic Plasters. These Metallic Plasters contain a generous amount of mica as well as hollow and solid glass spheres which results in a very high end, elegant and breathtaking finished look with little effort. In this class, Metallic Plaster will be used to produce a wide variety of both matte and high sheen dimensional finishes as well as stunning combinations of highs and lows. This diversified portfolio is designed to give you a wide arrangement of colors and finishes that will favorably catch the eyes of designers and customers looking for modern vogue finishes. There are over 50 premixed soft metallic colors that are tintable and mixable with each other which makes the color possibilities endless. Custom color matching is also available. You will leave this training with an intense knowledge of Metallic Plaster possibilities and a breathtaking portfolio that will sell over and over again.
Symphony of Metallics $1,397

Learn 10 high production, simple, money-making, beautiful new finishes with Modern Masters Metallic Plasters. You will learn how to easily and quickly create incredible finishes for your clients. This class will give you the skill and knowledge that you will use to instantly make more money for your business in only one day!
One-Day Metallic Plaster $99

Do you have a room in your home that you want to make beautiful and unique all by yourself? Or do you have a space in your home that needs updating, but plain paint just sounds so unexciting? If you said yes, then this is YOUR class! You will be invigorated as you learn how to create 3 beautiful faux finishes to WOW yourself, your family & guests and YOU get all of the credit! This class will take 4-5 hours to complete 3 sample boards to take home with you along with a renewed sense of creative passion. After taking the class, you may create your favorite finish with materials purchased from Artistic Accent Walls.
Beginner DIY Faux Finish $99

Spend a day in the studio and let your creative side out to play. Experiment with the Modern Masters Platinum, Shizen, Bellezza and Metallic Plaster lines without taking a structured class. The products that will be available for you to use will be a random assortment of each line. If there is a product that you are eager to try, please call two weeks in advance to ensure availability. No instruction, but instructor is available for advice. Bring your own trowel, Badger brush, Neon Leon and any other tools you might need (chip brushes and rags will be available). Open studio is from 9:30am - 4:30pm -- create a maximum of 5 samples per 'Play Day'. You will need to sign in when you arrive. Space is limited, call Annette to reserve your spot today!
Play Day $49/hour (time will be rounded up to the next half hour)

28 PRINCIPLES OF CONTRACTING SUCCESS The Success System that Never Fails
"Remodel" your painting and decorative painting company with the one-day Blueprint for Success in a
Weak Economy taught by guest Instructor, Kelly S. King. About this class in Kelly’s own words: "Today, as economic chaos prevails, painting and decorative painting contractors face tough times. The big question is: How to remain profitable and gain sales in a tough market?"

Part of the answer is change. As consumers tighten up their budgets, sales slow, profits diminish and contractors face limited time to implement strategies that help them maneuver through these adverse times. Even in these challenging times, consumers still spend their money. Learning how to trigger their current buying habits will be essential to survival. As customers’ buying habits change and their demands for better value increases, contractors have to take a deep look into their company branding and protect their business assets. In order to survive and prosper in a weak economy it is essential to follow a "Blueprint for Success" and "remodel" your decorative painting company’s structure, marketing objectives, selling habits and value propositions. It is also the perfect time to create your new stimulus package.

Though times are tough and answers are difficult to find, always remember many great business leaders have experienced adversities and gone on to find creative ways to break through such challenges by applying the secrets of success. Kelly S. King will give you the answers to these questions and more with the key 28 Principles to Succeed. You can have a profitable business model, find opportunity and build sales in a weak economy. Be an accessory to change and increase your own interest rate!

In this class, Kelly will teach you how to maneuver through any adversity, turn them into opportunities and catapult your business to success with his one-day workshop on the 28 Principles of Contracting Success - The Success System That Never Fails. In this workshop you will effectively learn how to use the 28 principles to remodel your business and take it to new levels. You will also learn many proven strategies for gaining sales in a weak economy. If you want to start, build or grow a contracting business and are facing current challenges selling jobs and making profit... let Kelly’s experience guide and mentor you. You’ll be glad you did!

28 Principles of Contracting Success - The Success System that Never Fails
Taught by guest instructor Kelly S. King
1-Day Course $595

About Kelly S. King
"The future is about to be remodeled" - Kelly S. King
Kelly S. King has built several businesses into multi-million dollar sales machines including a paint contracting company, a decorative painting company, a real estate company and one of the nation’s most renowned decorative painting schools, the Kelly S. King Academy, which he later sold to a Fortune 500 company. Kelly has experienced extreme success and along the way suffered significant failures, which taught him that the key to success lies in understanding how to maneuver through adversities and find the seeds of opportunity. Kelly regularly speaks for Purdue University at the Napoleon Hill Foundation on the book "Think and Grow Rich" and "The Keys to Success" by Napoleon Hill and his own lecture "Creativity Fueled by Adversity" which has influenced the way thousands of business men and women have remodeled their companies.